Miami-Dade County OSHA Training Requirements

Miami-Dade County in Florida has established important OSHA safety training requirements for county construction contracts. OSHA Training is required for all construction employees on any Miami-Dade County public or private contract valued in excess of $1,000,000.

Eye Injury Prevention and Personal Protective Equipment

Each day about 2000 U.S. workers sustain a job-related eye injury that requires medical treatment. These injuries cost employers and insurance companies millions of dollars a year in medical expenses, workers’ compensation costs, and wage and productivity losses.

NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Data Tools

Embracing safety and health as a cornerstone of sustainability is good for workers and good for business. The NIOSH Worker Health Charts (WNC) tool allows you to create charts to examine U.S. workplace safety and health issues.

National Employ Older Workers Week

The last week in September is National Employ Older Workers Week! The U.S. workforce is aging. The share of the labor force made up of people 55 years and older has increased from 12% in 1994 to 22% in 2014, and it is projected to reach approximately 25% in 2019.

OSHA Safety Training Leads to Less Injuries and Employer Costs

The main goal of OSHA safety training is to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths, the suffering these events cause workers, and the financial hardship they cause both workers and employers. This training will help employers avoid the substantial cost impacts and business disruptions.